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How it All Started

I grew up in a VERY small town in rural Alaska.  We had 3 goldens, a German Sheperd and a lab/pointer.  After the untimely death of the GSD at about 2 years old, my mom decided that she wanted a breed with fewer health issues, thats where the Portuguese Water Dogs came in, she has them today .  My mom has been showing dogs for over 30 years, so its safe to say that I have been around it all my life.  When I was eleven I got a CD on our little golden bitch Kisha, in Novice B :) We did it in 4 attempts!   As I got older I took to more of the "teenage stuff" and didn't do much with the dogs.  until........My junior year in High School when I met what you could say "both"  loves of my life....my now husband (Shane) and his Newf mix, 4X (four-by).  He was the sweetest dog, you would never know by looking at him he wasn't a purebred newf, Well, he was all it took.  I got my first newf,Brody,in 1999 after Shane and I moved to Anchorage (the big city of Alaska).  I got my second newf from Nakiska Newfoundlands in 2002.  "Tux" aka, BISS. MBIS. Ch. Nakiska's Black Tie Affair, was indeed a great dog to start into showing Newfoundlands.  Tux has been alot of fun and a good travel parnter, we attended the Newfoundland National together for  four years.  Since then Tux is retired living the leisure life! To see Tux's accomplishments view his page.    Since then I have had the opportunity to show some beautiful dogs, win groups and BIS with them.  I haven't missed a Newfoundland National Specialty in 8 years;  it is a wonderful experience each time I attend! 

Please check back for new information!!